Dossier of CV Profs’ Client Testimonials

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“I am stunned (After using a service provider at lower cost – if only I made use of your services at first!) – I strongly believed that I captured all detail within my resumé with upmost detail, completeness and experience from report writing, but did not expect what I received from CVProfs! After two months of seeking the right opportunity while not feeling at easy & confident, I realised my resumé (in past) was the reason. You captured who I am, reminding me of what I’ve achieved in my career and mostly where I will be flourishing in a ‘extremely well written resumé”! After two months, I lift my head up and start seeking for the right position from start, a confidently ‘walk about’. Sincere “thank you CVProfs ’team!” What a blessing and worth the extra cost!”


“Thank you again for the quick turnaround time. The CV looks amazing. I literally feel like I’m reading about someone else and I’ve just realised that I’ve done A LOT!! Which would explain why I’m so exhausted!!”


“The CV draft you guys have sent me is absolutely brilliant !!!! Thank you guys so much for the work done thus far. Trying to get a better job or an opportunity is very hard I have tried for much too long with no positive result not even an interview. But with the brilliant work you guys do and keep doing I feel confident that I will get that all illusive job.”


“A huge THANK YOU for my CV!! I am very happy with it! Also a huge thank you to the entire team for your brilliant service and professionalism! I am very impressed with the efficiency and prompt service you deliver. It was a pleasure and ease to communicate with you, thank you for your individual service and punctuality. Overall, Congratulations Arend and Alyona on your service and team.”


“I am very happy with my final CV – once again congratulations to you and your staff – you have been most professional and have met all your promises – a rare event in SA nowadays.”


“Thanks for capturing my resume in a way that I have never been able to. It’s such a pleasure to read your work. The flow of information, logic etc is just amazing, much appreciated. It is a perfect reflection of who I am.”


“Received. Thanks so much! I honestly LOVE both my CV’s so much, I can’t thank you enough. I think this is going to make a huge difference and help me a lot! Which one is better to send? Thanks for all the work, time and effort that you put into this.”


“After a struggle looking for a job without any success a friend of my mine recommended that I use your service, so today I am an employee in one of the biggest accounting firms. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for the help.”


“I am so pleased to inform you that, I applied for a vacancy at the UNFCCC Secretariat using the CV and covering letter you so kindly engineered for me. I have been short – listed for a skype interview.”


“Firstly, let me say thank you – I have never seen my CV like this before, nor have I ever viewed my career in this way….this presents my career, what I have done and where my strengths are in a manner that it is easy to find and read and is completely professional.”


“Since you have worked on my CV, I have had so many phone calls in this week alone. This morning one of the recruitment agencies actually mentioned how professional my CV was. Many thanks for your prompt and professional service.”


“I have received the first CV draft and am extremely happy with it! I thank you all for doing such a great job and won’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for a new CV or a CV renewal.”


“Perfectly in alignment with my planning. Many thanks to everyone at CV Profs for the speedy and professional service that you guys offer. 10/10 for customer experience in my eyes 🙂 I will be referring more people in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.”


“I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. I will recommend your company to others because of my satisfaction with your service.”


“Thank you on the Exceptional Service provided in updating my CV & LinkedIn profile on an expedited timeline. It most certainly met my requirements. The package does calibrate a better overview than I previously anticipated. I truly must say a job well done.”


“I am very impressed with your outstanding work! wow! I am speechless. For what I am seeing there is nothing that is additional or needs to be changed, I like it as it is. thank you very much. I love it! keep up the good work.“


“Wow really looks so professional, thank you. Thank you for a wonderful revamped CV. My recruiters are very impressed, I have received an interview already for next week.”


“Good day. I like the style of writing is indeed a professional cv. Guys what can I say – you are the best. This is brilliant – thank you so much. You’ve helped me land that big job! You guys are super stars – thank you so much – as always, you guys are great!”


“I received an Offer of Employment today. My job search needed a kick start and the CV you prepared for me did just that. Many thanks”


“Dear team, thank you very much for the professional manner in which you compiled my CV and updated my LinkedIn profile. The final product is exactly what I had hoped for. Working with you and your team has been an absolute pleasure and blessing. Your professionalism is absolutely remarkable. I will happily refer you to anybody that requires such a service. Again, thank you.”


“This is incredible work. Absolutely mind blowing. Thank you for your work, you have done an excellent job, I am very happy with the service and input. I appreciate the back and forth. Thank you for your patience I know I can be a bit difficult.”


“I am 100% satisfied and extremely happy with the final product. The professionalism and attention to customer service from your company is truly world class. I haven’t experienced such levels of great service in a long time. You truly live up to your promise to ensure customer satisfaction.”


“I must say that I am very impressed with my CV. I have never had a CV and have never needed one. I can truly say that with this CV I feel very confident applying for any position.”


“I am very pleased with the results and would like to thank you and your entire team for their patience and professionalism. I will recommend you without hesitation.”


“Thank you very much for the CV wish I could have had this 10 years ago!”


“I am completely overwhelmed, I have never seen a CV like this in my life. I am impressed definitely.”


“I’d like to state that CVprofs is one of about five organizations in my life, that I give a ten out of ten to. Thank you very much.”


“This is looking very good already. You have exceeded my expectations.”


“Well received thank you. This is the most amazing service I have ever received and  it’s so worth it.”


“I am lost for words. I cannot believe that this is my CV. I have faith in the fact that  I will get interviews left, right and centre. I am ecstatic. Thank you so much. I am  literally in tears right now.”


“I am very happy with the outcome, product / service which has been delivered. I appreciate you going above and beyond to assist me, thank-you so much for my final CV version, appreciate it.”


“Thanks a lot. I’m receiving massive response on my CV for the UK.”


“Received, thank you. What an amazing result! Far superior to my effort.”


“I have no words to express how happy I am with CV, thank you so much, excellent work, I couldn’t stop looking at it.”


“Thank you to you and your team so much for the CVs, it is really impressive. I feel more confident reading about myself in this way.”


“What can I say? You guys are absolutely awesome. Will definitely recommend you to others.”


“Thank you very much CV Profs. This is a succinct piece, exceptionally and exquisitely written and presented CV with all the hallmarks of my distinct skills and abilities.”


“Thank you so much for all your assistance and especially for accommodating my short timelines. I am happy with the final product, I think you did a great job.”


“Thank you for your email and feedback for which i thank you. I have reviewed my profile and it looks very professional.  This will surely assist me in getting recognition in the corporate sector.


“The cv is well received, many thanks.  It is excellent!!! I am super impressed, thank you very much for your hard work and effort you put into this. You can be proud of your work”


“oh wow you guys I am completely blown away by the work you have done. Really this looks amazing!!! Thank you very much. You will definitely be getting more referrals from me,”




“Thank you for the stunning work. I feel better about myself so over and above your expertise a worthwhile investment is self too.”


“My extremely grateful to you and your team, thank you so much. Your service has been professional and informative.”


“I would like to inform you that I go the position I applied for and have no doubt in my mind that the professional product delivered by your company, had a definite impact on the decision-making process of the Talent Recruitment Team. Well designed and scripted with a great “look and feel”. Thank you for your professional and prompt service. I will gladly recommend your services to others.”


“Looks good to me – thank you. I already have a few offers. Thank you again – money well spent.”


“Wow you’ve done amazing work. I thank you. When I read through the CV it made me feel grateful for the opportunity to serve people but at the same time proud of my professional experience I’ve gained and you captured that all in this CV.”


“WHAT A WINNING TEAM YOU HAVE IN HAND = WELL DONE AND THANKING YOU OUT OF MY HART – I am highly satisfied and would like to thank everyone who contributed to the successful CV and other document. You and your team are highly recommended.”


“Thank you so much for the stellar work you and your team have done on my CV and most importantly thank you for getting it back to me earlier than expected. Thank you again for the wonderful service provided. “


“I want to thank you for the professional way you dealt with me. You will be my first stop for referral in future. Thanking you for the good experience again”


“Wow guys i am really impressed, I can say I am happy customer, I will be happy to recommend you guys. Thank you very much Wow I am really impressed with this CV, i think it is very competitive and it will do me good. Thank you very much”


“Thank you for your professionalism thus far we are VERY impressed.  WOW!!! Thank you for this it looks amazing.”


“Thank you!  I have reviewed my LinkedIn profile and I am very happy with the layout and content. This concludes my request and I would like to thank you and your team for a fantastic service! I will be sure to recommend you to friends and colleagues and will definitely reach out if I need additional support in future.”


“No words will ever be enough to thank you and your team who assisted in putting such an amazing CV TOGETHER FOR MY BROTHER. This goes highly appreciate and I thank u from the bottom of my heart for doing this for him and us and delivering this in time. Thank you so so much. All I can say is thank u.”


“Think the work that you have done is amazing. Getting lots of feedback regarding my new CV”


“A huge thank you to you and your team, for your great efforts and professional service. Definitely highly recommended. I truly appreciate all your help and efforts.”



“Thank you for the excellent service. I am very happy with it.”


“Thanks for your assistance and quality service in this regard! You exceeded my expectations and am happy with your work. My old cv and LinkedIn profile sold me short! I am excited about the future and opportunities that will come up because of this exercise, which helped me to introspect and reflect on my career achievements and objectives through the questions you sent. I can safely say that my resume and LinkedIn profile are now doing justice to what I have to offer, and have accomplished.”


“Firstly thank you for the pleasant experience. I thought revamping my CV would be a challenge but with your help it’s been painless…”


“You might be the most expensive CV writers RSA has to offer but it was worth every single cent! I will most definitely be referring people to you.”


“Thank you for my CV.  I am very impressed with it and it is well worth the money I spent.”


“I am very impressed with the outcome of this CV, and thank you very much for the model interview questions including everything supplied.”


“Thanks for assisting with my CV. For the first time in many years I actually felt proud to read my CV and it made me feel good about myself – thank you!”


“Everything seems to be perfect and i am very pleased with this cv. You have done an outstanding job.”


“Aww thanks! Thanks to you guys, I feel like a brand new me. I am as happy as a little child who got her first toy. Really, I can’t express enough gratitude for the work you guys have done because this is my game changer.”


“I am SUPER HAPPY with my new CV, thanks for a brilliant job!”


“First things first. Wow. this cv is just amazing, what you do and the service your company provides is just absolutely amazing.”


“Firstly allow me to congratulate you on a job well done, your team has simply outdone themselves! I must say I am truly impressed and will definitely refer future business to yourselves.”


“I must say it’s a master piece , I am really impressed with you , I have already referred a couple of people”


“Hi, I just had a call with you this morning and to my surprise, I got contacted by a recruitment agent who has setup a meeting for next Monday. She wants me to print out a detailed cv. I think the one I have counts as detailed? This is so exciting and it’s all thanks to your work!


“A true masterpiece, thank you!”


“Thank you. I must tell you, I had a super fantastic meeting with the recruitment agent yesterday. She specifically mentioned “your cv is extremely impressive. I was in heaven :-D”


“WOW!!! I don’t know what to say. Is this a draft and it looks so good? I am stunned out of my mind. This is superb! Fantastic job.”


“Many Thanks, It looks great, hope to get that job soon. All the very best to yourself and the success of your company. I will promote you as far as I can!”


“I would like to thank you for the incredible service that you have given me”


“I can’t stop reading this CV 🙂 My confidence has been restored. I can’t wait to test drive it and see the responses“


“I want to thank you for the excellent work you have done on my Cv. This is totally beyond expectation and a job well done indeed.”


“Wow!!! I am so IMPRESSED by the work done by yourselves!  This is definitely what is called a makeover!”


“Thank you so much for the CV. I think it is the best investment that I have done in years.”


“Thanks very much for putting together my CV – it’s such an incredible ‘testimony’ of my professional life!”


“Hi the CV is excellent. I nearly hired myself”


“Thanks so much for your quick response and illuminating feedback, this is by far the best service I received in a long time and will refer you to anyone. Many thanks!!”


“Thank you for my CV, great work! There’s no way I could have done it myself.  I have recommended CV Profs to family and friends.  My husband will contact CV Profs in the beginning of 2022 for his CV.”


“Thank you so much. I am really pleased with the outcome, and I must say it feels like I’m reading someone’s CV not mine. Experience and skills together with achievements are packaged so impressively.”


“Just wanted to let you know that I got accepted into the MBA programme for 2022. Thank you so much for all your assistance. I will definitely refer CV Profs to everyone I know. You guys truly do an amazing job”


“Thank for this. Really appreciate the professional service.”


“Many thanks to you and the CVProfs team. I hardly recognise this person. It is quite something to see your work identity stated this way.”


“I am so impressed with my CV. I have been presented in such a good light. I would employ myself with such a CV.  I could not have thought of the logic and presentation you offered, thank you.”


“Thanks very much for the exceptionally good quality work. I am impressed.”


“Wow I am glad to meet this accomplished lady that you have profiled here.”


“Thanks for the CV. So impressed with it.”


“Many thanks again for all your help. It’s always a pleasure working with you.”


“Thank you very much, you have done a fantastic job.”


“Truly amazing. Thank you very much for your professionalism. My new CV and Updated Profile is awesome.  I Love it, looking forward to working with you in future.”


“Thank you very much for your email. I am highly pleased with your work and   professionalism.”


“Once again thank you very much for your excellent service.”


“Thank you, I accept my final Résumé and I am very pleased with your service.”


“Please accept my deepest thanks. I sincerely appreciate your help and professionalism.”


“Thank you so much for your hard work and assistance with creating my new CV over the past few weeks. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am very happy with the outcome.”


“I just want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for helping me with my professional CV and actually making my life easier and increasing my chances of getting a better job I appreciate it.“


“Wanted to express my deepest gratitude, the manner in which you have treated me as a client. I am really impressed with you guys.”


“Thank you so much for preparing this for me! I am very impressed! Seeing my CV like this makes me feel confident when applying for positions as it shows my true worth.”


“I must compliment you, I have never come across a more professional company. Well Done!”


“Thank you so much for your services. It’s one worthy investment on my part.”


“WOW….the professional work your team has done on my portfolio is amazing. I cannot believe how well this is put together. I have gone through it and am very impressed. I do not find or see any changes that need to be done.”


“Thanks for the final version of my CV. I am very impressed with the product you delivered and your efficient service. I have no doubt that interviews will start pouring in from now onwards.”


“I hereby confirm that I did receive the first draft of my CV and I must say, it is beyond my expectation, ‎thank you very much guys.”


“Thank you very much for my final CV. I am very impressed with the level of work that was done on my CV. It is professional and concise. I am looking forward to using my CV in the future. “


“Thanks to you and the team at CV Profs for an excellent professionally crafted CV.”


“Thank you so much for the attached everything looks so wonderful… everything received has been created exactly as I had hoped.” 


“Many thanks, have looked through the draft and am impressed with what I have seen… My thanks to the “Team” for all their hard work.”


“Thank you so very much for sending the first draft through on such short notice, I truly appreciate it. I have had a quick scan and it looks brilliant! I will definitely be sending a positive review!”


“This is just a short note to thank you for my new CV, it is really amazing I must say. I’m so happy I can guarantee that the recruiters will recognise my CV now.”


“I am happy, thank you for all your guidance through this process. I appreciate that you answered according to my questions. I will where possible refer people to your organisation merely as I feel you gave good service to me.”


“I am utterly bowled over by the amazing work you have done with my CV! There is nothing to change. It is perfect thank you.”


“Awesome impressive presentation indeed! I feel liberated after perusing first draft”


“Thank you for your remarkable service excellence! I will most definitely recommend your services to other candidates seeking excellence and perfection.”



“I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of detail and research that you put into the CV. It is more than worth the money I paid.”


“Very professional work from your side. It is a wonder that you managed to untangle the complicated history of my early work experience.”


“Thank you for the first draft, it’s very refreshing and does encapsulate me as an individual.”


“I have reviewed the update to my LinkedIn profile and the CV. Thank you for the work that you have done, I am very impressed with everything and I knew that coming back to CV profs would be a great investment.”


“Thank you for the excellent CV you drafted for me, you have transformed it completely into a wonderful piece of writing. It is very professional.”


“I have never looked at myself or even described myself in this manner, thank you for showing me who I am.”


“I want to compliment you on an outstanding job. The wording is fantastic, it puts me in a whole new light. Thank you.”


“Thank you for the professional CV and timely delivering on the project. It is an exceptional CV and I’m proud of your expertise. Truth be told, it’s the best CV I’ve ever had.”


“Your service has been excellent and I will not hesitate to recommend your service. I will contact you if I have any further need of your services. Once again many thanks – it has been a joy dealing with you.”


“I received the final draft of my CV. Thank you so much for the fantastic job your team has done revamping my CV.”


“Thank you so much, your service has really been exceptional.”


“Thank you for an excellent first draft. I was very happy with it.”


“I want to thank you, the professional CV I presented was a big plus.”


“Thank you very much for all your assistance and support. I/we have done it.”


“You once did a CV for me and I was pleased with the professionalism thereof.”


“I have to compliment you on an exceptional job well done.”


“Thank you so much for my fabulous CV. I am so pleased.”


“Thank you for the well wishes and the excellent customer service and response  times to my request. It is greatly appreciated.”


“Wow this looks amazing!!! I am so impressed.”


“I love this!!  Thank you so much!”


“Thank you so much, this is brilliant!”


“Thank you, CV Profs, for being professional and delivering outstanding work.”


“Trust you are well. I would like to thank you for an amazing job done with my CV. You truly made my life so much easier!”


“Baie Dankie.  Ek is so beindruk met wat julle gedoen het.”


“Happy!! Thank you so much.”


“Allow me to extend my sincere appreciation for the work well done on my CV.”


“Much appreciated. I love it!!”


“Super impressed with this CV!”


“Also thank you for your support and effort you have put in with my Professional and Abridged CV.”


“Ek is baie tevrede met die cv, baie dankie!”


“Thank you very much, it’s looking good.”


“Thank you once again, it looks really fantastic.”


“Thank you very much for your assistants in creating my Profs CV I highly appreciate it. I am very happy and exited the way my CV was generated. Well done to you and your team.”


“It’s absolutely perfect! Thank you so much.”


“Thank you very much for compiling my Draft CV. I am really impressed with the work done to date, much appreciated.”


“I have shared the wonderful work done on my resume, with my wife and she would also like to inquire on using the service to update her resume.”


“I am very happy and satisfied with the outcomes.”


“Thank you, this looks amazing.”


“Thank you very much for the CV it is beautifully written and laid out. Many thanks.”


“Once again – thanks to you and CV Profs for the professional service!”


“To you and the team a very big thank you for the hard work. As usual a great delivery.”


“From the little I have read I feel you’ve made me look so important 😊It’s almost as if I’m reading about someone else.  😊”


“Thanks for this brilliant piece of work”


“You are amazing 🙂 Thank you for this.”


“Thank you very much.  I’m so happy. God bless you all.”


“Again, thank you for immaculate work.”


“Thank you for my professional cv I love it so much that even I will hire myself😉”


“Wow wow wow!!!! this looks amazing, thank you so much”


 “I have gone through the draft and first of all, thank you so much. Your team has done an awesome job.”


“Very happy with the final version”


“I’ve only managed to scan the document so far but from what I’ve seen one-word springs to mind. Wow”


“You guys are truly amazing”


“I have gone through the CV and is impressed.”


“Thank you so much for the CV, it’s absolutely incredible. Your efficiency and professional touch is admired.”


“I must note that I am extremely impressed and satisfied overall with your service and professionalism. Thank you for your assistance.”


“I would like to take the time to say thank you very much to you and your team for such outstanding work.”


“Thank you so much for all you’ve done. I highly appreciate and highly recommend you And your company to various clients and colleagues.”


“Thanks very much for the covering letter. I really appreciate all that you have put in redrafting my CV and cover letter. I love the end product.”


“Thank you for the professional work.”


“Thank you very much. Also, to the CV Prof team with waiting patiently for all our staff inputs and the writers that prepared our CV’s we really appreciate your guidance. Take care and the very best; may the business grow from strength to strength.”


“Thank you for the excellent Job. Thank you for your Draft Submission it is really outstanding both the content and the formatting. Regarding the positions – You have well explained them on the career highlights – and it projects very good achievements”


“Oh well done. Awesome, thanks!!!!”


“Thank you very much. I also want to thank you for your immaculate service, I will definitely refer more people to you.”


“I am truly impressed with the work so far.”


“This is beautiful work.”


“Again, thanks for meeting the commitment and producing a well written CV for me.”


“That’s perfect thanks:) Thank you very much for the great service provided. I’m very impressed.”


“Thank you very much for the quick responses – I am very happy with the end result”


“Thank you, I browsed over it and it looks fantastic”


“WOW!!!! I’m even impressed with my accomplishments. This CV looks fantastic! Thank you so much”


“Thank you it looks stunning. I look awesome on paper!!”


“Thank you so much for the CV, highly appreciated and may God bless you all.”


“I need you guys to revamp my CV, you did an excellent job last time.  And I managed to get an internship”


“Everything is perfect! Thank you so much for all your help and thank you for such incredible service. I will definitely be recommending CV profs to all my friends and family, :)”


“You are a superstar.  I appreciate your excellent service.”


“I am happy with the CV – awesome!!!!! I will easily appoint this guy when getting this CV”


“Thank you for your professionalism thus far, we are VERY impressed”


“Thank you for the CV, is mind-blowing.  I looked at it and start crying, as it really emphasises some of my good points, but always hard to do it yourself.  THANK YOU!”


“I don’t have words to thank you for the input to all this work for me. I can only out of the depth of my heart say : THANK YOU SO MUCH, you don’t know how much it means to me to present and submit a CV with full confidence and being proud of what I can submit.”


“Thank you so much for all the help! It’s amazing.”


“Thank you for delivering and the great service! Much appreciated!”


“Thank you for all your assistance, it was such a pleasure working with you”


“You lightning fast service was exceptional. Thank you for everything”


“Thank you very much – great service”


“Amazing job”


“Thank you so much I appreciate all the help as always I am very happy and satisfied with all you have done for me.”


“Thank you so much, my CV looks amazing.”


“Thank you for doing a great job on my CV”


“Thank you very much for the CV. It looks absolutely great.”


“I used your services before and was very satisfied.”


“You guys are real professionals”


“Thank you very much for the final document …am very happy about it”


“Thank you very much for the excellent Job”


“Thank you so much for a wonderful job done. I am incredibly happy with the result and thank you very much for your professional service.”


“Thank you kindly for a very professional job and keeping to your promises! Well Done! I really appreciate it! It was thus far an absolute pleasure in dealing with CV Profs – I would recommend you to anyone that may require your services! ”


“This is amazing!!!! You guys have done a fantastic job. Thank you so much.”


“WOW thank you. I want to hire me hahahahaha. I am so impressed. Thank you. So worth the money.”


“I really appreciate your time and concern with my CV. It looks fantastic and very professional.”


“Wow – this is so great – thank you”


“You guys are very, very good. Thank you very much for all the good work.”


“I have made commendations about your service with numerous people. Hope the business strives and thank you for the professional and excellent service.”


“Thank you for a job well done. I feel 200% better about my CV now.”


“What a great job!  I am so proud of my new CV and believe that I will now be successful in my applications.  It is a professional peace of work or should I say art.”


“Thank you so much for my professional CV! it is amazing! Your description of me is completely on point and I would have never been able to express myself as well this CV does.”


“Thanks again for a professional service. Was nice doing business with your company.”


“I love it, and I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me. Keep on doing excellent work.”


“Thanks so much, really much appreciated and compliment to your company and you for your excellent service”


“Thank you so much guys, I totally love your services, you are so efficient and on the ball. I have to say it’s a bliss working with you no regrets.”


“I am really happy with the results and your amazing services.”


“Thank you so very much for your valiant efforts at producing this excellent CV”


“Thank you so much for the great job you have done. I really appreciate it. You have really been professional.”


“Please thank you team for exceptional service! I will recommend your services to anyone. I am one very happy customer!”


“Just want to say thank you so much for helping my Mom out. Her CV looks awesome! Really appreciate the work you guys did.”


“Thank you, much appreciated. You are certainly the best that we have ever dealt with.”


“I want to thank you for your great work. I have two interviews lined up owing exceptional abilities.”


“Many thanks and appreciation for sending me such outstanding work. Your workmanship is absolutely brilliant and I am so happy that I contacted your company to help me.”


“Thank you I have received it. Change requested is perfect and very professional.”


“I want to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent work you did for me in regards to revamping my CV to a professional CV. Much appreciated.”


“Thank you for the revised CV, it looks great.  You have done an excellent job. I showed it to people and their feedback was that it is a winning CV.”


“Other than that exceptional work. Very Happy with the CV, will certainly send people your way.”


“Thank you so much for your outstanding & excellent work on my CV`s. I am extremely happy with your service.”


“I know that I am very delayed in expressing my appreciation but its better late than never as they say. Thank you for the abridged CV – it is much appreciated.”


“Thank you for making all the relevant changes I have requested, especially within the day itself. I really appreciate this, and will definitely make use of CV Profs for all my future needs. In addition, I will certainly recommend CV Profs to my network. The quick responses and excellent service delivery was something that I found extremely valuable and I am sure others will too.”


“Thank you for your excellent work on my CV it is greatly appreciated.”


“I’m amazed at the work you guys did, it really came out much better than I expected it would.”


“Thank you very much for the CV. I think it’s just perfect and awesome. Thanks for the excellent work you did on it.”


“Thank you for the CV, I am very impressed with your work!”


“My CV looks great, a big thank you to CV Profs!”


“It was a pleasure dealing with your company and I will certainly recommend you to others.”


“Thank you so much – it looks absolutely great! I really appreciate the short turnaround time and will most definitely recommend to my colleagues and friends.”


“Thank you for my professional CV. Your brilliant work has restored my confidence!”


“Thanks for the most remarkable and exceptional service.”


“Thank You so much for a brilliant cv. I am still in shock of how you revamped my old cv.”


“Thanks so much for the first draft CV.  I must say that I am quite impressed by your work!”


“Thanks for the draft, it looks really professional. Yourself and your team lived up to CV Profs reputation, please express my gratitude.”


“I have already received two calls to set up interviews in the 24hours. It is just amazing!”


“I must say I am very impressed with both the response time and the professional manner in which both you and Arend has handled the application. This is professionalism that justifies paying a bit more.”


“I viewed my profile and I am very happy, thank you so much. I have already recommended you to my friends.”


“Good morning beautiful team. Thank you for your efficiency and professionalism. It’s really been amazing.”

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