What We Offer

Tender Writing & Design Services:

Secure your next big contract with our expert Tender Writing & Design Services. We specialize in creating compelling, professionally-designed tenders that set you apart from the competition. With our experienced tender writers, you can confidently navigate the complex process of tender submission and increase your chances of success.

Business Proposal Writing & Design Services:

Elevate your business outreach with our comprehensive Business Proposal Writing & Design Services. Our expert proposal writers craft persuasive narratives, while our design team ensures your proposal stands out visually. Together, we’ll create a proposal that’s not just a document, but a powerful tool for your business growth.

Strategic Business Plan Services:

Drive your business forward with our Strategic Business Plan Writing Services. Our experienced strategists design comprehensive, actionable business plans that align with your unique goals. Whether you’re a start-up aiming to secure funding or an established enterprise seeking to expand market reach, our tailored services are designed to fuel your specific business objectives.

TurnKey Tender Submissions

What We Offer

Online opportunity meeting translated into SOW proposal, invoice, sign-off & payment

Writer assignment, client interview, structure agreement & data-gathering (client provision & own research)

Draft presentation, edit reviews / additions x 2, sign-off & project close-out

QUALITY Management system

  • In-house Sales & Operations Division (Management Team)
  • Centralised Production Department
  • Top-notch long-service contract writers (paired by industry /practice area specialisation)
  • Copy-checking editors
  • Automated plagiarism testing
  • Dedicated graphic design service (including infographics)
  • Oxford (UK) English style (adaptable to US)



  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social media (LinkedIn & general online / media profile) reviews & suggestions for improvement
  • 3 Full edit rounds to final product sign-off


  • CV Profs offers personalised liaison, deadline-driven quality delivery and uninterrupted service excellence to each client
  • Our CV Division boasts a 98% success rate in interviews scheduled over 15 years of tracking
  • Multinational client and industry experience positions us as an authentically South African, internationally biddable service provider


Tender Submissions



  • Leadership team call
  • In-depth tender requirements review
  • Deadline & scope agreement

Project management:

  • Internal project manager liaison, document sourcing, follow-up & reporting


  • Company profile
  • Leadership & staff CV’s
  • Organogram
  • Project team allocation
  • Project plan with timelines
  • Relevant projects completed (names, dates, work done, amount / people served)
  • Client testimonials

Tender writing:

  • Realign corporate biography to tender focus (includes online research)
  • Align service area(s) to tender parameters
  • Methodology & Approach
  • Core operating principles
  • Competitive positioning
  • Project plan with timelines
  • Governance & Reporting
  • Project team profiles, credentials & relevant experience


  • MS Word document / PowerPoint presentation design (to PDF)
  • Infographics & visuals
  • Table design
  • Professional finishing
  • Print-ready document

New Business Proposals

Business networking Profiles

Professional documents for companies to provide in proposals for Estimating submissions*

Content structure:

  • Focused executive overview (elevator pitch)
  • Our understanding of your needs (setting the scene)
  • Costing proposal**
  • Applicable capabilities to serve the contract
  • Methodology & approach (proposed service, workforce & operating structure)
  • Operating principles (QMS & ESG)
  • Project plan (deliverables, initiation plan with timelines, risk & management reporting)

Proposal design:

  • MS Word document / PowerPoint presentation design (to PDF)
  • Infographics & visuals
  • Table design
  • Professional finishing
  • Print-ready document


  • Executive interview
  • Information-gathering
  • Online research
  • Competitive proposal-writing

* Excludes costing calculations
** Client to provide cost proposal

Strategic Business Plans


Entry Level:

To apply for startup funding, emigration residency, occupation permit, or business relocation.


SMME applications for Government, seed or crowd-funding


For advanced funding applications compliant with Government/growth funding and asset finance

Feasibility Study***:

Funding proposal concept paper, fund bid document preparation, or contingency plan

*** Client to define expected costs & revenue forecasts

12-Point structure

  • Executive summary
  • Business description
  • Market analysis & Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales plan
  • Management & Organisation description
  • Products & services with pricing strategy
  • Competitive analysis
  • Operating plan
  • Financial projection and needs
  • Exhibits & Appendices
  • Individual, SME & corporate packages
  • FULL facilitation service


  • Readiness assessment with (new) business leadership
  • Defining client objectives & tailored quotation
  • Acceptance & deposit payment
  • Scope of work & deadline agreement
  • Operational (PM) planning with timelines
  • Business information-sourcing & document compilation
  • Data gathering
  • Market / industry research & analytical support
  • Business plan writing & editing

Design to finalisation

Industries covered to date

  • Mining & Construction
  • Architecture & Urban Renewal
  • Professional Services
  • Finance, Banking & Auditing
  • Higher Education
  • Conservation
  • NPO
  • Health & Wellness
  • Tourism & Hospitality


  • Industry regulatory framework
  • Joint Venture facilitation
  • Business coaching, finance & sales pipeline modelling

WE help you TO TRANSLATE ELOQUENTLY where you want to go with your business and how you PLAN to get there

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