Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we have served the diverse strategic content, specialised technical writing and presentation needs of private, corporate, public sector and institutional clients across the globe;

We are equipped with contemporary exposure to and well-researched IP on the competitive sector, company structure, hierarchical role divisions and parameters to provide you with informed advice;

We have amassed a substantial reference library of clients in Mining, Construction, Banking and Fintech, IT and Telecoms, Education, Agriculture, Medical and Pharmaceutical, and more;

As crafters of professional, focused documentation and creative presentations for individuals, small businesses and corporations, we know how to best serve your future growth needs;

A long-ranging comprehensive set of testimonials bears witness to our valuable service delivery;

Based on our massive network of CV creations, we can assist broad-based hiring communities to find relevant candidates fast, efficiently and via our first-hand knowledge base;

Our remote work operating model was established long before this became a ‘buzz’ phrase, so we have tried and tested technology and administrative systems in place to manage all HR needs;

As an employer of multi-skilled digital nomad delivery teams from the launch phase, we are ahead of the curve in the new world of work, well-adapted to change, and agile in 24/7 service provision;

We have harnessed business-focused social media engagement to optimal effect from the onset, fully active across all relevant outreach platforms to fast-track hiring and contracting processes.



“Having professionally presented recruitment practices in place can be the game-changer for your continued success.”

Job description analysis
CV Profs Recruitment Consultants are highly trained in client consultation and data-gathering to craft clear hiring directives for fast turnaround and on-point selection. In the briefing interview, we cover:

  • Offer outline: job title, level, division, role outline, duties, accountabilities and reporting line;
  • Basic requirements: non-negotiable and negotiable required qualifications, skills and experience;
  • World of work: on-site / remote / hybrid, benefits, requirements, work environment;
  • Culture fit: soft skills (EQ), abilities needed to excel in the role, teamwork positioning, aspirations;
  • External placement process: Submissions deadline, start date, agreement on social media platform engagement and communications criteria, job offer sign-off, and go-live.

Candidate screening
With preliminary i’s dotted and t’s crossed, our online teams activate social media engagement and tracking systems for both proactive outreach and incidental applications. We keep you informed of progress and interest per pre-arranged intervals – optimising our marketing strategy on-the-fly.

Throughout this process, our automated system examines applicants against basic requirements to eliminate unsolicited and irrelevant submissions.

Once the required level of interest has been obtained on deadline, we submit the full portfolio of submitted applications, in electronic format, for your review.

How our understanding of ATS will provide better results for screening applicable candidates
The key to successful Application Tracking Systems (ATS) search criteria is critical keyword selection. Careful seeding and accurate keyword placement ensure that we recognise a broad net of the most viable candidates from all tracking systems.

Interview process
Our specialist sourcing and candidate interview service encompasses end-to-end online search, network referral and remote vetting processes. This liberates you from the time-consuming burden of initial reviews, first interviews and follow-ups.

Our experienced teams provide two-step assistance in both standardising submissions to speed up your review process and manage the second vetting process.

Advising applicants of interview outcomes
Proactive feedback with candidates through the hiring process is essential to uplift your reputation. Ostensibly the most delicate step in the post-selection process, we manage sentiments beyond the selection process, co-crafting both selection and rejection letters and facilitating direct contact.

Executive Search

“Our reputation for building trust and credibility with undaunted commitment to discretion has earned CV Profs the ear and contractual engagements of numerous industry captains and innovators, most admired in their sectors.”

The established sport of headhunting has evolved over many years to a present state of refinement, on the back of online profiling and an increasingly close-knit global village, especially in higher echelon and specialist new organisational roles.

At times, internal resources are stretched thin or not 100% capable of navigating the broad networks and evaluative skills required to recruit at this strategic or senior level.

We are often contracted to assist in this highly confidential service that provides leadership teams with an informed outsider view and subtle engagement of viable prospects.

In this sensitive space, we save you time and safeguard your reputation by expertly facilitating fluid communication and negotiation between high-end candidates and yourselves.

Defining Selection Criteria
CV Profs maintains an in-house screening system to test your job description against industry best practices, latest advances in role-specific criteria setting, and strategic drivers behind the key hire.

We consultatively refine the job description to ensure alignment with your mission and goals, and to prepare our engagement team appropriately.

Sourcing potential candidates
Well-versed in personal consultation and leadership profile sculpting, we apply this art retrogradely to explore potential synergies between your firm and the candidate’s mid-to long-term goals.

This process starts with a screening of our extensive existing proprietary database, as well as an external search based on our advanced knowledge of role divisions in swift-shifting operating environments.

We provide you with a short-list of promising considerations for review and engagement approval.

Reaching and interviewing prospects
CV Profs’ specialisation in executive search has been a natural outflow of our core biography crafting service for multinational industry leaders and industrial game-changers over many years.

On your approval of the targeted list, we project-manage executive outreach, interview setup and delivery by well-prepared reviewers au fait with your industry segment and the role in question.

Your end-product will be a well-structured abridged portfolio of the most suitable candidates for final review and selection. We also offer assistance with final interview setup and facilitation.

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