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Our proven track record of successful service delivery speaks for itself.

Alyona is an absolute specialist at what she does.
Service Category: Preparation of Resume / CV Year first hired: 2008 (hired more than once)
Her Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


“When I compare my first resume with the current revised version I can only say that they are not in the same class. In actual fact they should not be in the same room. The CV's that Alyona prepares are of excellent quality. When a commitment is made to deliver at a specific time you can be sure it will be delivered. What I also like is that we have a great working relationship in spite of the fact that we are far apart - distance wise. Anybody wanting to re look their CV / resume can contact Alyona at CV Profs without any hesitation. She delivers the goods. Best of luck Alyona”

I am really touched by your professionalism, excellent communication skills and personal touch to your work. The quality of your work speaks for itself. Working with you on my CV was fulfilling; you listened and understood what I wanted and you did not just deliver but continuously engaged to ensure that the final document meets exactly what I wanted!!! A true professional!!! I have no doubt that your business is successful and will continue to grow. I have located 4 jobs from the site you sent me and I will submit my NEW & Professional CV and believe the response will be positive. Cheers!
Firstly I have to thank you and your company for the CV, I applied for the position I spoke of and have had a telephonic request today to fly to the UK for an interview. The feed back from them was that they have never seen a CV format like yours, and they and the client were very impressed with it. Once again thank you Kind regards

Thank you so much for the work done on my CV and covering letter. It looks fantastic. It is really such a pleasure working with you. I have never experienced service like this. You exceed my expectations every time I need something done. I could not have asked for more. There is just absolutely nothing that I want to change on it. How you seem to better it every time is above me. Thank you so much, and be assured of my continuous support. Have a great day. Kind regards

Guys I just wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU a lot for the wonderful job you've done on my CV. My CV is impressive thanks to you and your team for the efforts put in it & when I go through I feel it is worth the price I paid for it. Once again guys thank you. Kind regards

Yes, thank you very much, it did produce the desired feedback. I have since acquired a job in Sandton, and will call on you if there is anything further required. Regards

Of thanks from my daughter for her CV. So many opportunities opened up for her and she gets a lot of compliments of the professionality of her CV. She got an Internship position in America and is currently working in our Marketing division until everything is finalized. Thanks again for helping us to create/express/sell ourselves in a professional manner.

I must compliment you, I have never come across a more professional company. Well Done!

This is perfect. Thanks so much for your quick response and illuminating feedback, this is by far the best service I received in a long time and will refer you to anyone. Many thanks!!


For your excellent service delivery, it is refreshing to know that there are some companies out there who take pride in efficient customer service. Thank you and kind regards

Tried to get hold of you today. Just to inform you my first two meetings went very well and I want to compliment you on a job well done!!!! Thank you very much you are a STAR I will stay in touch. Kindest Regards

All I can say is WOW Thank you so much for working on my CV and creating a masterpiece from all the scraps I tried to put together for you. I will surely recommend you VERY highly to everyone I know who is in need of a brilliant CV. Kind Regards

Thank you very much, I actually had a need for this! I must be honest, I was skeptical at first, but your service and product really impressed me. Warm regards

I am still digesting the excellent work you have done.

Thank you very much for the first draft. It's always amazing what one can do with words and just changing the angle.

Thank you so much. It looks great. I will recommend you to anyone.

Thanks a lot, the CV is perfect!! I hope I will get my dream job now.

Thanks again for the great CV, we are very happy and will recommend you any day.

Thank you so much. The CV exceeds my expectations. You really deserve all the compliments you receive. Thanking you once again. You are the best and I will spread the word.

You have made me the happiest human being alive today. I looooooooooove my new resume. Great, marvelous, fantastic, awesome, amazing, spectacular job Alyona. I am going to tell all my friends about the good job your company does. Thank you so much.

Good morning I just want to thank you for the awesome CV. It is really impressive, and it takes a lot for me to say that. Well done. Ill def pass your name on to others.

I would like to thank you for my CV it is awesome I am really impressed with it I will definitely forward my friends and family to you. Great job thank you so much. Regards

Thanks much appreciated. Very impressed, professional, concise & powerful. Regards

Thank you so much for the professional service, I am very impressed with the results and I am sure it will make a difference in my search for future positions. Kind Regards

Though I am very busy at the moment I felt it imperative to say thank you so much for your work on my CV. Words really fail me, I hope to furnish you with additional information through fax during the course of this week. Stay blessed and best regards. I am receiving good responses to my revamped CV. Seven responses in two weeks. Thanks once again

Thank you for detailed Curriculum Vitae, I'm very satisfied with the results and the professional look of my CV. Your help is greatly appreciated

I have read and processed the information on the CV and am suitably impressed with the outcome, you have produced a very detailed and professional resume.

Thank you for the draft. It looks extremely impressive, so that my boyfriend now considering to send his CV to CV Profs for "face-lift"!

“Thank you very much for my CV draft, it looks impressive with high powered business language. I really appreciate the additional information as it covers great tools to help me secure the job of my dreams.”

“You did my first professional CV for me approximately just on 4 yearsago. I must say that I received compliments on it to the point of: “This is the best CV I have ever read, may I ask who helped you with this?” Quite astounding as I never realized what a difference it makes!”

“Since you have worked on my CV, I have had so many phone calls in this week alone. This morning one of the recruitment agencies actually mentioned how professional my CV was. Many thanks for your prompt and professional service.”

“I have already received two calls to set up interviews in the 24hours. It is just amazing!”

“I must say I am very impressed with both the response time and the professional manner in which both you and Arend has handled the application. This is professionalism that justifies paying abit more.”

“I received an Offer of Employment today. My job search needed a kickstart and the CV you prepared for me did just that. Many thanks”

“Firstly thank you for the pleasant experience. I thought revamping my CV would be a challenge but with your help it has been painless...”


“Firstly, let me say thank you -I have never seen my CV like this before, nor have I ever viewed my career in this way....this presents my career, what I have done and where my strengths are in a manner that it is easy to find and read and is completely professional.”


“You might be the most expensive CV writers RSA has to offer but it was worth every single cent! I will most definitely be referring people to you.”


“Thank you for my CV. I am very impressed with it and it is well worth the money I spent.”


“I am very impressed with the outcome of this CV,and thank you very much for the model interview questions including everything supplied.”


“Thanks for assisting with my CV. For the first time in many years I actually felt proud to read my CV and it made me feel good about myself – thankyou!”


“Thank you very much for the CV wish I could have had this 10 years ago!”


“I am completely overwhelmed, I have never seen a CV
like this in my life. I am impressed definitely.”


“Everything seems to be perfect and I am very pleased with this cv. You have done an outstanding job.”


“Aww thanks! Thanks to you guys, I feel like a brand new me. I am as happy as a little child who got her first toy. Really, I can't express enough gratitude for the work you guys have done because this is my game changer.”


“I am SUPER HAPPY with my new CV, thanks for a brilliant job!”


“First things first. Wow. This cv is just amazing, what you do and the service your company provides is just absolutely amazing.”


“Firstly allow me to congratulate you on a job well done, your team has simply out done themselves! I must say I am truly impressed and will definitely refer future business to yourselves.”


“I must say its a master piece, I am really impressed with you, I have already referred a couple of people”


“Hi Alyona. I just had a call with you this morning and to my surprise, I got contacted by a recruitment agent who has setup a meeting for next Monday. She wants me to print out a detailed cv. I think the one I have counts as detailed? This is so exciting and it's all thanks to your work!


“A true master piece, thank you!”


“Thank you. I must tell you, I had a super fantastic meeting with the recruitment agent yesterday. She specifically mentioned "your cv is extremely impressive." I was in heaven:-D”


“Many Thanks Alyona, It looks great, hope to get that job soon. All the very best to yourself and the success of your company. I will promote you as far as I can!”


“I would like to thank you for the incredible service that you have given me”


“I can’t stop reading this CV :-) My confidence has been restored. I can’t wait to test drive it and see the responses“


“I am very impressed with your outstanding work! Wow! I am speechless. For what I am seeing there is nothing that is additional or needs to be changed, I like it as it is. Thank you very much. I love it! keep up the good work.“


“I want to thank you for the excellent work you have done on my Cv. This is totally beyond expectation and a jobwell done indeed.”


“Wow!!! I am so IMPRESSED by the work done by yourselves! This is definitely what is called a makeover!”


“Thank you so much for the CV. I think it is the best investment that I have done in years.”


“Thanks very much for putting together my CV - it’s such an incredible 'testimony' of my professional life!”


“Hi the CV is excellent. I nearly hired myself”


“Thanks so much for your quick response and illuminating feedback, this is by far the best service I received in along time and will refer you to anyone. Many thanks!!”